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Case Studies - Card - Tea Forte Logo

Tea Forté is an established, luxury tea company that is the choice of not only consumers but also hotels like the Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, and more! Historically around 40% of user acquisition came from people discovering Tea Forté teas while visiting different hotels and attending events.

At the start of 2020, Covid-19 hit and caused travel and stays at hotels to plummet close to zero, leaving a large potential gap in user acquisition and revenue generation.

The Tea Forté team reached out to FFG looking for a growth marketing agency that could help them operationalize their performance marketing strategy and fill a gap in potential awareness due to the repercussions of Covid-19.

Over the course of our continuing partnership, we were able to increase revenue by over 50% in the same period YoY, while maintaining profitable ROAS levels.

Case Study - Card - Tea Forte Card Image --- Tablet
Case Studies - Card - Tea Forte Logo
Case Study - Card - Tea Forte Card Image -- Mobile
Case Studies - Card - Tea Forte Logo
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In the past, Tea Forté ran some Facebook Ads sparingly, but never built out a top to bottom funnel within the platform.

Our first steps involved testing audiences and ad creative at each step of the user journey, following the below FFG funnel process:

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Tea Forte Case Study - Goal 1 - Phone 1
  • Level 1:

Cold Traffic (People who don’t know who you are)

  • Level 2:

Engaged with Our Social Media Presence + Visited Website (Not Visited Product Page)

  • Level 3:

Viewed Content on the Website (Visited Product Page)

  • Level 4:

Added to Cart / Initiated Checkout

  • Level 5:


Once we set baseline on all of the above and tested the different kind of ads that work for these customers (Static, Carousel, GIFs, Videos, etc.), we transitioned to heavy experiment-driven creative testing to inform the Tea Forté Creative team about what kind of assets they should be shooting in the future.

ROAS & FB Revenue
Before FFG

FB Revenue: Jul 2019 - Dec 2019




ROAS & FB Revenue
After FFG

FB Revenue: Jul 2020 - Dec 2020




Not only did we want to utilize Facebook Ads for driving new user acquisition, but we wanted to layer in Copy & Creative testing to inform their team on what direction they should take their brand image in order to maximize future performance.

By operationalizing a diligent Experimentation Process & relying on core Growth Marketing strategies, we identified the first experiments we wanted to test. By running 1 creative or copy test a week we were able to boil down the places where copy inside of creative works best and that bridal porcelain assets perform amazingly at every step of the funnel and even outside specific bridal audiences themselves.

We used ClickUp to track every one of our experiments (which phase it was in: Planning, Creating, Launching, Analyzing) and Experiment Information Documents (EIDs) to document everything that went into a test and what the Results, Learnings, and Next Steps were. Thanks to this process we have a full history of every test that was run on the platform, what assets were used and what was a success or a failure.

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