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How We Increased Marketing Qualified Leads by 533% for InMode

Case Study - InMode -- Tablet
Case Study - Card - InMode eStore Logo
Case Study - InMode -- Mobile
Case Study - Card - InMode eStore Logo
Case Study - InMode -- Tablet
Case Study - Card - InMode eStore Logo
Case Study - InMode -- Mobile
Case Study - Card - InMode eStore Logo
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InMode is a global provider of invasive and non-invasive medical aesthetic devices. The company is structured into subsidiaries for regional and countrywide markets with InMode US serving as the provider for the US and Canada.

InMode US is a high profile manufacturer of medical devices, often cited by medical journals and featured by celebrity influencers. Their internal marketing team successfully generated demand for their products and partnered with us, FFG, to operationalize their lead generation.

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We took a full funnel approach to lead generation, implementing the following tactics:

  • Executed on paid ads across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google targeting key customer personas.

  • Set up tracking from ads to leads to measure channel performance and ROAS.

  • Leveraging a wide range of content & ads throughout the marketing funnel:

    • Industry-Specific Whitepapers & Medical Journals

    • Branded Device and Lifestyle Ads

    • Webinars and eSeminar

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  • Deployed ongoing experimentation on ad creative, copy, and customer personas on all paid channels.

  • Developed and launched workstation specific landing pages:

    • Morpheus8

    • Evoke

    • BodyTite

  • Integrated landing pages with Salesforce/Pardot - InMode’s CRM.

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  • We broke out different paths of audience segmentation and email content to keep subscribers engaged as much as possible.

  • We set up the first Welcome Email touchpoint as soon as a lead signs up to the email list, welcoming them to the brand.

  • If the lead interacts (open & click) with the first Welcome Email, we encourage he/she to schedule an appointment for a demo. If the lead doesn’t open the email, we would send a series of educational content about the brand’s value propositions to re-engage him/her.

  • In this Welcome Series, we also implemented A/B tests to experiment with design, copy, and subject lines to understand what type of content resonates best with subscribers and generates the highest engagement & conversions.

  • By setting up an extensive Welcome Series, we are also establishing a regular email cadence to keep B2B brands top of mind for subscribers.

InMode achieved over 20X return on their marketing spend when tracking leads to deals closed in 2021 thanks to their innovative technology, ability to generate demand through celebrity influencers, and their partnership with us on lead generation.

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