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How We Increased Gross revenue by 90.1% in 30 Days for Aperçu Eyewear Using SMS Marketing

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Case Studies - Card - Apercu Logo
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Case Studies - Card - Apercu Logo

Aperçu Eyewear is an e-commerce sunglass brand that collaborates with influencers to design their own sunglass collections, allowing them to share their own vision of fashion.

We pitched SMS marketing to Aperçu as another mode of entry into the sales funnel. Our reasons include:

  1. Engagement is ridiculously high. To give you an idea:

    • 34% of people read their messages within five minutes of receiving them. (EZ Texting)

    • The average open rate for text message marketing campaigns is 98%, compared to 20% for email marketing campaigns. (ManyChat, MarketerHire)

    • Text messaging has six times the engagement of email. (EZ Texting)

  2. Customers say they prefer text (when it's relevant, of course) and consumers are already on their smartphones (and in their text messages).

    • 55% of people use native messenger on mobile devices to send texts. (EZ Texting)

    • 91% of consumers would opt-in for text messages from brands. (Attentive Mobile Consumer Report)

    • More than 69% of consumers would interact with businesses via text message.

Case Study - Card - Apercu Card Image -- Tablet
Case Studies - Card - Apercu Logo
Case Study - Card - Apercu Card Image -- Mobile
Case Studies - Card - Apercu Logo
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To build up our SMS customer list, we started by adding compliant SMS opt-in sources throughout the customer journey. Below are several ways to do so:

Desktop & Mobile Website Popups

Collecting SMS directly on the website.

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Apercu Case Study - Step 1 - Ad 1

SMS Sign-up Landing Page for Giveaway

Collecting SMS as a way for giveaway participants to earn additional entry points.

Apercu Case Study - Step 1 - Ad 3

Consent at Checkout

Collecting SMS consent directly on the checkout page.

Apercu Case Study - Step 1 - Checkout Image

At the very least, when it comes to SMS marketing for ecommerce, we recommend implementing SMS updates on order and shipping information.

This kind of information and updating is non-intrusive and incredibly relevant to customers. Plus, it reduces customer service needs, reducing the number of customers calling or emailing in about where their package is.

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Apercu Case Study - Step 2 - Phone 1

Welcome Series

One of the first messages sent to the subscriber for conversion with/without incentive.
“Enchante! We’re so glad you’re here. 
Here’s 10% off your first order using code: NEWAPERCU10.”

Abandoned Cart Series

A flow that helps bring back a consumer who has added to cart but not yet converted.
“It looks like you left something behind. Head back now to complete your purchase!”

Browse Abandonment Series

A flow that helps bring back a consumer who has not yet added to cart but have looked through the products.
"We noticed you've got sunnies on your mind. Come back and refresh your wardrobe in time for summer!"

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As with all advertising platforms, it is imperative to continue A/B testing to see what form of outreach works the best, whether it is our creative, our copy, or the timing of our SMS sends.

A list of variables that we typically look to test are as follows:

  1. Send Times:
    Testing what send times work best for our SMS list for ideal conversion rates on campaign sends.

  2. Image/GIF Testing:
    Testing whether incorporating images or GIFs improves click through and conversions.

  3. Testing User Journey Flows:
    Finding cleaner and more cohesive flows to better the customer journey.

  4. Copy Testing:
    Finding what language and messaging speaks best to our SMS list.

    • Long Form vs. Short Form Copy

    • Casual vs. Formal Language

Within the first month of implementing Attentive:

  • We saw Aperçu’s SMS list size grow by 558 and the email list grow by 542.

  • We sent 3,035 total messages from campaigns and journeys.

  • Gross revenue increased from $26,493.68 to $50,368.03 - a 90.11% increase month over month.

  • Of which, SMS revenue accounted for 34.1% of total gross sales within the reporting period.

  • $17,161 was generated from SMS - $3,100 attributed to campaigns and $13,829 attributed to journeys.

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