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Andrea Gomez

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Case Studies - Card - Andrea Gomez Logo

Andrea Gomez is a luxury women’s shoe brand that relied heavily on in-person trunk shows as their main revenue source before the pandemic. With COVID-19 impacting the world, Andrea Gomez, too, had to pivot online.

That’s when Andrea Gomez reached out to Full Funnel Growth looking for a growth marketing agency that could help them grow their business online. Here’s a look at what we worked on together.

Case Study - Card - Andrea Gomez Card Image -- Tablet
Case Studies - Card - Andrea Gomez Logo
Case Study - Card - Andrea Gomez Card Image -- Mobile
Case Studies - Card - Andrea Gomez Logo
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When it comes to ecomm, the first paid advertising platform we turn to is Facebook/Instagram - Facebook/Instagram ads are the bread and butter of obtaining prospective customers who have not heard of your brand before, and nurturing them through your sales funnel until they purchase.

Before partnering with FFG, Andrea Gomez ran some Facebook Ads sparingly, but never built out a top to bottom funnel within the platform.

  • Level 1:

Cold Traffic (people who haven’t heard of Andrea Gomez before)

  • Level 2:

Targeting users who’ve engaged with Andrea Gomez’ social media or visited the website (but have not visited any product pages)

  • Level 3:

Targeting users who have viewed content (product page) on the website

  • Level 4:

Targeting customers who’ve added a product to cart or initiated checkout

  • Level 5:

Targeting past purchasers of Andrea Gomez

Step 1

Through testing, we can identify the audiences who are most likely to convert so that we only show our ads to those prospective customers.

  1. Demographic & Geographic Targeting:
    Here we can target specific age ranges, gender, and locations so that we narrow down who we show our ads to.

  2. Interest Targeting:
    We can also target people’s interests based on what they have shown interest in on Facebook and Instagram. In the case of Andrea Gomez, for example, we tested users who’ve shown interest in “fashion” or “shoes”.

  3. Retargeting:
    We can also retarget our ads to people who have engaged with our social media or website within a specific timeframe - i.e. people who have visited our site in the past 90 days, engaged with our social media (like, comment, share) in the past 60 days, or people who have added to cart but not purchased in the past 30 days.

  4. Lookalikes:
    With the retargeting audiences above, we can also create “lookalike” audiences that can be used to target prospective customers with similar interests and demographics.

Step 2

Once we set the baseline on which audiences are most likely to convert at each stage of the funnel, we transitioned to creative testing to understand what kind of ads (i.e. statics, carousels, GIFs, videos, etc.) perform best for Andrea Gomez’ target audience.

Andrea Gomez Case Study - Step 2 - Shoe Ad 1

Google and Facebook both have the ability to reach users at different stages along the sales funnel. Now that we’ve set up Facebook ads as a way to obtain prospective customers for Andrea Gomez, we introduced Google ads as a channel to capture intent for retargeting customers.

We identified the most relevant and searched keyword opportunities for Andrea Gomez and launched into both Search and Shopping Campaigns, so that the Andrea Gomez brand shows up for the users who are looking for them on Google.

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Before partnering with FFG, the majority of Andrea Gomez’ revenue share came from offline trunk shows. By solidifying their Facebook strategy and introducing Google Ads, we more than doubled their paid ad revenue share from 32% to 69%.

In 2020, Andrea Gomez generated $18,402.40 from paid ads. We more than tripled that number and generated $61,827.37 in paid ads revenue in 2021 - without eating into their ROAS.

YearPaid Ad SpendPaid Ad RevenueROASPaid Ad Revenue Share

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